Submersible Pool Lights


Style Garden, Above/ In-ground Pool
Shade Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Light Source Type LED
Number of Light Sources 13
Control Method Remote
Controller Type Remote Control


underwater pool light

HueLiv IP68 Waterproof Submersible LED Lights

Are you look for some submersible pool lights with strong magnets and suction cups ?

Are you looking for some durable underwater lights with fully waterproof ?

Are you tired of some led pool lights that are not enough bright?

Do you want to light up your in-ground and above-ground pool, and also save your money and electricity?

To provide our customers a good item with better experiences, HueLiv analyze the customer’s needs and the issues of other products one by one, and have made targeted upgrades and improvements for our submersible pool lights.

4* Silica Gel Suction Cups – We have upgraded the suction cups from 20mm to 25mm, and tighter absorptivity. The underwater lights will not fall off even after a long time of use. With four fixed positions, the submersible pool lights can be firmly adsorbed on the smooth or clean surface and can hold pool light underwater about 10-16.4ft/3-5m.

IP68 Waterproof Level – High-quality waterproof material and commercial shell seal ring give this submersible led light an enhanced waterproof effect. Improve to better waterproof structure as standard IP68 level, it can work well even in tough weather for a long time.

13 Bright SMD LED Beads – HueLiv submersible LED light comes with 13 brights LED beads, which are more vivid than other lights and the brightness is 3 times that of others. 16 dynamic colors and 3 lighting modes can be switched at any time to meet your decoration needs in different scenes.

HueLiv submersible pool light is the best choice for decorating your pond, pool, fountain, aquarium vase, bathtub, event party, or just for daily decoration.

Combining ten ultra-bright LEDs with a multi-cut surface optical lens lets this light achieve a better lighting effect. The long 30,000hrs lifespan reduces the need for frequent re-lamping and maintenance.

This submersible pool light is free from the trouble of electric wire connections. The included IR remote controller (button cell batteries included) will fully satisfy your different lighting demands by letting you control the light within 16ft.

submersible pool lights


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