HueLiv Smart WiFi Floor Lamp

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Floor Lamp, HueLiv Super Bright RGBW Smart WiFi LED Floor Lamp for Reading, Dimmable Torchiere, for Living Rooms Bedrooms, for DIY, Compatible with Alexa & Google Home, Black, 25W




HueLiv Smart Wifi Floor Lamp, Free Your Hands, Free Your Life.

Have you been struggling in the dim living room for a long time? Are you bothering to turn off the floor lamp yourself? Do you often forget to turn off the lights when you sleep?

HueLiv floor lamp is a modern style floor lamp. You can adjust the color and brightness of the lamp according to your needs, which makes your life more convenient. Even if you are still outside, you can remotely control the floor lamp, giving the illusion that there are people at home. The light has a timing function, so you can set the off time. It will turn off automatically.

HueLiv modern style floor lamp is suitable for use in the bedroom, kitchen, study, living room, office, baby room or even hotel. It can be used for dinner, working, relaxing and sleeping to get the most comfortable brightness. Soft natural light illuminates the entire room without looking directly into the eyes, protecting your eyes. Whether reading a book or watching TV. It’s weighted base and sturdy design makes it wobble free and safe to have around children and pets. It provides good stability from falling when knocked by kids or pets.

Multiple Method & Intelligent Control (Only Supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi)

Sensitive Touch Control: Turn on / off easily via touch switch. One USB charging port. You can use it to charge your phones, pads, power banks, etc.

APP Control: There are more functions to control the lights through APP Smart Life. There are 16M colors and 8 scenes. You can set different scenes in different situations, such as reading, working, leisure, etc.

Voice Control: The floor lamp is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Echo & Google Home. By controlling the lamp with your voice, you can free your hands and make life more convenient.


When you are pairing the lamp, please choose fast blinking (0.5s/time). It’s supposed to be done under EZ mode instead of AP mode.

If the buttons of lamp not work fine, please try to assemble the lamp again as it from factory. Please do assemble the lamp first, then you connect the power.

If you have any questions in pairing, please send me amazon message without hesitation. We will reply messages in 24hours. Please be assured that we will help you out. Welcome to inquiry.

Additional information

Bulb Quantity


Total Length

48ft X2


100-240V 50/60Hz 0.6A

String Light with 15 LED Bulbs (30PCS Bulbs Total)




Remote Controller




User Manual


2 reviews for HueLiv Smart WiFi Floor Lamp

  1. ECH

    Purchased this lamp on impulse, not sure if this would be good, but was pleasantly surprised.
    The box arrived without any damage, and was well packed. Putting the lamp together was very easy, and the threads/pieces fit without issue. The lamp itself is very bright, and has some amazing features.

    There are 2 buttons, one which serves as an on off, and another that is a color changing button. There’s also a USB to charge phones and such.

    The best part of this lamp is the connected smart features. It syncs with the Smart Life App, which many smart devices work with. Connecting it to the app was as easy as holding the on / off button for about 5 ~ 6 seconds, and the light started flashing.

    Once flashing, the app automatically adds the lamp as well as sets the wifi connection.
    I was able to use the app to change the color, brightness, as well as set timers.
    If you use the lamp on a switched outlet, it will go back to the last setting it was at.

    The best part of the lamp, as i said before, is the smart features. I was able to seamlessly sync it to Alexa and google Assistant. I set up some routines, like “alexa, im going to bed” which was set to dim the lights from the last setting to 0% and turn off the light over 1 hour, so i can knock out with the light on and have it turn off automatically.

    You can also tell the light things like “Alexa, turn on/off the light” or “alexa, change the color to blue”
    You can also do things like “alexa, make the light warmer/colder” to change the colors.

    The app itself has a colorwheel and sliders as well as preset colors and also some things like color changing strobes that respond to music.

    Overall, it’s a great full feature light, with many features i didnt know i would want above and beyond dimming and color features. The brightness at 100% is very good and dimming range is very good as well.

    I really recommend it

  2. hipposauce

    Purchased this lamp on Amazon as it was a better deal but came here to register it for the lifetime warranty. Figure I may as well leave a review for anyone who is thinking about ordering it.

    This light has replaced two of my table lamps I had to light my room. I am a video game content creator and lighting is essential for me. Ordering this light I was expecting something I can turn on a nice color for when I am relaxing, watching a show or something. I was pleasantly surprised when I assembled the product to find that this thing can get extremely bright. I have it positioned in a corner at the middle of my L shaped computer desk with the lamp head angled towards me. The lamp itself is tall enough that I can’t see direct light from the bulb, and enough light bounces off the ceiling where it gives my camera more than enough light for anything I am recording. The Smart Life app is extremely well-designed. The directions are very clear on how to connect the lamp to your phone. There are tons of lighting possibilities to choose from with a wide range of brightness and saturation. I highly recommend getting this lamp if you are looking for a Wi-Fi floor lamp with RGB capabilities.

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